My cyborg side

If it isn’t obvious by my… everything, I’m a technocrat. As I’ve said, I like technology and I truly believe it can help our society but this relationship is very intimate. People, mostly angry middle aged folks on their first trip to the internet, worry about the singularity. Given that my previous roommate has minor biomods, it doesn’t seem all that far off. But I think we’re already at the point that technology is a part of who we are. Specifically, I want to talk about our phones.

It’s a cliche at this point, but nothing is more intimate to the average person that their phone, and that’s not just in America. Smartphones are the most common internet connection in the world. They know our schedules, our social media figures, our opinions (I’m writing this from my phone), and every other detail of our lives. It’s to the point that a large amount of people are comfortable with regularly purchasing items from the bathroom. Full disclosure, that includes me. That makes them an extension of who we are. That’s why I love my phone so much.

While talking with my sister Ariel recently, she voiced a feeling I never realized I had. On consideration, iPhone’s are sterile. Because they all feel the same, these very intimate expressions of who we are don’t seem like anyone. They represent conformity, the norm. They’re fine. Nothing bad. But there is nothing unique. I want an extension of who I am to reflect my greater whole.

Our dependence on smartphones is a solid meme. I understand why its easy to laugh at, but its kind of wonderful to me. We are augmenting our evolution. If God made us in his image, it only seems fitting that we create new and intricate things. These things are now part of us. We need to be aware of it and pay attention like any part of who we are, but we also need to appreciate it for what it is. It’s us.


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