Middle school was a rough time for me. I didn’t have many friends, and so I didn’t talk to people a lot. Every morning I took at least a little refuge in listening to the DJs coming through the stereo of my mom’s suburban. I’m sure if I listened to them now, I’d probably be driven insane by them now, but that was the beginning of a great interest instilled in me.

A few years later we listened to NPR all across Wyoming as I drove to Debate meets. While marginally better than middle school, Wyoming was still awful, but between the company and the talk radio I really enjoyed those long rides. Times changes, but I still enjoy a lot of similar things.

I don’t listen to as much radio as I used to, but NPR is a bigger part of my life that it ever was before. How? Lots and lots of podcasts. I couldn’t really tell you what my entry point was, but I listen to almost everything NPR and WNYC produce along with an assortment of other shows (highlights include Stuff You Should Know and The Vergecast). They keep me going.

I’m the kind of person who can’t work without some white noise to enjoy. Podcasts provide a wonderful range of white noise. I can learn some weird bit of history or science, keep up with news and tech, or just laugh. You can expect a lot more about these in the future. Because this obsession only continues to grow in me.


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